This page describes a set of tests included in version 1.05 of the GEDCOM file assess.ged (download - view). Details change between versions.

Area Summary

People with the surname "Date Questionable" have birth events with GEDCOM dates that are questionable. The date may or may not be valid based on the interpretation of the GEDCOM 5.5.1 specification.

See other date-related comments on the Date Valid test area help page.

Letters N and S indicating non-standard 01-Feb 1801

Dates with lowercase or mixed-case month names may be treated as errors.

Test Result Criteria

  1. If a target application imports "Feb 1801" and converts it to its chosen internal date format, set the test result to "Supported".
  2. For any other outcome, set the test result to "Not Supported (non-standard)" and describe the outcome in the comment.

Non-Standard Content

This test includes non-standard records or values.

GEDCOM Records for @I50@

2 DATE Feb 1801
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